A New Name In Glory

"A New Name In Glory" was written by Charles Austin Miles in 1910. Miles at­tended the Phil­a­del­phia Coll­ege of Phar­ma­cy and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Penn­syl­van­ia and began a career as a pharmacist. He practiced photography as a hobby and was active in his church, leading singing and occasionally writing songs. At age 22, he wrote his first hymn, "List 'tis Jesus' Voice," and submitted it to the Hall-Mack Com­pa­ny. They liked it so much they not only offered him a contract, but also hired him as an editor. Miles abandoned the pharmacy and served at Hall-Mack for 37 years, writing around 400 hymns, including "In the Garden," perhaps second only to "Amazing Grace" as the most popular hymn of all time.

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