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"A Child of the King"

This great hymn of promise was written by Harriett E. Buell in 1877 with music by John B. Sumner.

The following story about this song comes from the CyberHymnal

Mr. Pe­ter P. Bil­horn re­lates the fol­low­ing in­ci­dent which hap­pened when he was en­gaged in evan­gel­is­tic work among the cow­boys in the West, in 1883. “We had start­ed up the Mis­sou­ri Riv­er for Bis­marck, and on Sun­day we stopped at a new town, named Blunt, to un­load some freight. A crowd of men and boys came down to the wharf. I took my lit­tle or­gan, went on the wharf-boat, and sang a few songs—among others the glor­i­ous hymn, ‘I’m a child of of a King.’ I thought no­thing more of the oc­ca­sion un­til long af­ter­ward, when I sang the same song in Mr. Moo­dy’s church in Chi­ca­go [Il­li­nois]. Then a man in the back part of the house arose, and said in a trem­bling voice: ’Two years ago I heard that song at Blunt, Da­ko­ta; I was then an un­saved man, but that song set me to think­ing, and I de­cid­ed to ac­cept Christ, and I am now stu­dy­ing for the min­is­try.’”

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