Jesus Music Albums

ARTIST                                   ALBUM

The All Saved Freak Band        For Christians, Elves, and Lovers

Marian Anderson                    Spirituals

Bob Ayala                              Journey

                                            Joy By Surprise

                                            Wood Between the Worlds

Pat Boone                              Something Supernatural

Paul Clark                               A New Horizon

Andraé Crouch & the Disciples  Soulfully

                                             Take the Message Everywhere  

Daniel Amos                             Horrendous Disk

Reverend Cleavant Derricks & Family    “Just a Little Talk With Jesus”

Eternity                         Sings the Gospel Classics of Stuart Hamblen

Don Francisco                 Forgiven

Good Seed                     Good Seed

Gospel Ship                    Gospel Ship 2

Keith Green                    I Only Want to See You There                      

                                     No Compromise

Kenn Gulliksen                Charity

Stuart Hamblen              A Visit with Stuart Hamblen

Walter Hawkins and the Family      Jesus Christ is the Way

Dallas Holm & Praise             All That Matters


Holm-Sheppard-Johnson      Holm-Sheppard-Johnson

Honeytree                           Honeytree

                                         The Melodies in Me

Hope of Glory                      Hope of Glory

                                          Same Sweet Song

The Imperials                      Live (2 record set)

Jesus Loves You                 The Jesus Loves You Concert

Aleksander John                  Days Go By

Mike Johnson                       The Artist and the Riddle

Debby Kerner                      Come Walk With Me (2 copies)

Kids of the Kingdom w/Annie Herring   Follow the Leader

Lillie                                    Lillie Knauls . . . Reaching

Lamb                                  Lamb III

Liberation Suite                    Liberation Suite

                                           Stride For Stride

Love Song                            Love Song

                                           Final Touch

Love Song Strings                Love Song Strings

Maranatha!                         Maranatha! 2, 3, 4

                                         Best of

                                         Best of Volume 2

                                         Praise II

                                        Saturday Night Maranatha Concerts

Barry McGuire                      Lighten Up


                                         Have You Heard

Randy Matthews                 All I Am Is What You See

Ken Medema                         People of the Sun

                                          Fork in the Road

                            Listen (Music of Ken Medema, arranged by Bill Pursell)

Larry Norman         So Long Ago the Garden

                           In Another Land

Jimmy & Carol Owensw/Pat Boone       If My People . . .

Gary S. Paxton         Astonishing, Outrageous, Amazing, . . . .

                               More from the Astonishing, Outrageous  . . .

                              Terminally Weird/But Godly Right

Petra                       Petra

Phoenix Sonshine      The Exodus

Billy Preston              Behold!

Rez Band                   Live

Nedra Ross (of the Ronnetes)        Full Circle

Second Chapter of Acts                 With Footnotes

                                                   In the Volume of the Book

Sing and Celebrate                        Sing and Celebrate

                                                  Sing and Celebrate II

Songs of Praise                             Album One

Sonshine Circle                              A Simple Song of Love

Sounds of Joy                               Sounds of Joy

Mark Spoelstra                              Somehow I Always Knew

Randy Stonehill                             Welcome to Paradise      

Stryper                                         Isaiah 53:5 (Clear yellow vinyl disk)

Sweet Comfort Band                      Hearts of Fire!

John Michael Talbot                        The New Earth

                                                   For the Bride

Terry Talbot                                  No Longer Alone

Mike Warnke                                  Higher Education

Dan Whittemore                             Walkin’ Sinai

Windows Two                                 Giving Glory