I Would Not Be Denied

This hymn in the key of C uses only the easy guitar chords of C, F, G7, and Am. No extra chords needed for autoharp on this one; the melody notes are in the rhythm chords.

"I Would Not Be Denied" was written by African American minister Charles Price Jones (1865-1949). Rev. Jones began as a Missionary Baptist and served as pastor of Ta­ber­na­cle Bap­tist Church in Sel­ma, Al­a­ba­ma, and Mount Helm Bap­tist Church of Jack­son, Miss­iss­ip­pi, as well as churches in Arkansas and California. Because of his beliefs in holiness, he left the Missionary Baptists and was one of the founders of the Church of Christ (Ho­li­ness) U.S.A. Jones wrote over 1,000 gospel songs, including "Come Unto Me," which is also included on this site.

Sheet Music for "I Would Not Be Denied"