Christian Hymn
"O Worship the King"

A great Christian hymn, "O Worship the King" is usually found in the early pages of hymnals, sometimes occupying page one.

The lyrics, based on Psalm 104, were written in 1833 by Sir Robert Grant. Grant, who was very active in the evangelical wing of the Anglican church, was also an important political figure of his day, serving as a member of the British Parliament, director of the East India Company, and Governor of Bombay. "O Worship the King" first appeared in a book of his poems published by his brother after his death.

The music, "Lyons," first appeared in William Gardiner's Sacred Melodies in 1815. It is attributed to Johann Michael Haydn, though his brother Franz Joseph, also wrote songs that begin with the same melody. It's not certain from which song Gardiner adapted the melody.

The lyrics are powerful and full of imagery and expression. The following, from The Complete Book of Hymns

, addresses the last line of the hymn, "our Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend."

We know God first as our Maker, our Creator. Then, even before our conversion, he is our Defender, our Keeper from harm. We know him then as Redeemer, our personal Savior from sin and its penalty. Finally, as we walk day by day with him, as we commune with him and enjoy his fellowship, we know him also as Friend.

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